vote through是什么意思,vote through怎么读

[vəut θru:]  
[vot θru]  

vote through基本解释



1. 表决通过
2. 投票同意

vote through的用法和例句
However in a separate development democratic leaders in the senate conceded today they would not attempt to vote through climate change legislation before copenhagen .
On the other side of europe in greece there have been more demonstrations as politicians there vote through the latest round of austerity measures .
Italy has yet to vote through a much-revised package of cuts .
It has no editor . Its composition is determined by the vote of bloggers through the theblogpaper website .
The latest banger to be squeezed out is a bill to create a consumer financial protection agency ( cfpa ) a version of which the committee was due to vote through this week .
The two parties must vote together to get the budget through parliament .
Suffragist groups existed all over the country and under many different names but their aim was the same : to achieve the right to vote for women through constitutional peaceful means .
There was recent news that the national military is allowing male and female solders to vote anonymously through an internet poll as a means to amend inappropriate base regulations .
In the long run the more significant change may be mr obama 's decision to give american shareholders a vote on executive compensation through a say on pay resolution .
American women could not yet vote when the phone system came through ; yet from the beginning american women doted on the telephone .
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