vote out是什么意思,vote out怎么读

[vəut aut]  

vote out基本解释



1. 选举中击败
2. 投票使落选
3. 出局的

vote out的用法和例句
Vote out the guy running for re-election if you want the american middle class to come back .
Second it stops target companies from putting up the kinds of artificial barriers to block unwelcome takeovers that are common in the us from the poison pill defence to stopping shareholders being able immediately to vote out boards that stand in the way of bids .
Their tireless use of blogs and social-networking sites helped to generate excitement collect money get the vote out and raise political consciousness in america as a whole .
Be vote out tonight ?
The last time bangladeshis had the chance to vote out a government was in 2001 .
We won 't know the result.well say your vote out loud .
He has also urged canadians to vote out the current conservative government in ottawa even though both he and the prime minister are technically members of the same party .
People can 't vote out big bankers but we are finding evidence that some people are voting with their bank accounts and moving their business to community banks and credit unions .
Meanwhile although mr abdullah is no public speaker the aceh party used old gam structures right down to the village level to get the vote out .
Thus if the unfortunate voters of aljunied really do have the temerity to vote out the pap they will have five years to live and repent according to mm .
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