judge from是什么意思,judge from怎么读

[dʒʌdʒ frɔm]  
[dʒʌdʒ frʌm]  

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judge from的用法和例句
The angry people thought this bad law ought to be abolished to keep the judge from abusing his power .
The senate voted to remove a federal judge from the bench in louisiana finding him guilty on a variety of corruption charges .
We have chosen courtroom number one our largest courtroom said mr liang a judge from the court 's press office who would only give his surname .
Judge lawrence ordered a preliminary hearing for jan. 24 and it 's likely that this will be the last federal judge from arizona to preside over a legal hearing for mr. loughner .
A warrant in form 2 in the fifth schedule may be issued by a judge or in the absence of any judge from the court house by the registrar returnable within 6 days and addressed to a bailiff of the court .
To judge from the blog started by some of the centre 's disgruntled staff their mood is decidedly sfumato .
To judge from some banners they may have a new category of enemy : eurocrats .
To judge from various recent publications the spirit of the times is not blowing in the direction of formalist and intrinsic criticism .
Appointed to the court by gerald r. ford in 1975 the dapper judge from chicago was seated in time to pass judgment on the new laws .
And to judge from my own inbox asset managers are starting to ask about the economics of how it could occur .
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