deny oneself是什么意思,deny oneself怎么读

[diˈnai wʌnˈself]  
[dɪˈnaɪ wʌnˈsɛlf]  

deny oneself基本解释



1. 戒绝
2. 戒除

deny oneself的用法和例句
How foolish and petty it would have been to deny oneself this small luxury .
If it is a great lesson in life to know how to deny it is a still greater to know how to deny oneself as regards both affairs and persons .
Cannot let excessively many defeats deny the oneself original ability furiously opens out the fog can see the blue sky .
You talk to oneself like sure also difficult to deny while being difficult like suspect all suspect oneself again .
It can 't deny that there is very big improvement space in it even so . It is encouraged oneself that the defects cannot obscure the merits .
If don 't embrace the prejudice can 't certainly deny the knight errant is a style that is a contemporary literary circles to spread most it not only oneself is full of wit and humour but also returned the parties to get many deduce the work become real humor headquarter .
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