deliver over是什么意思,deliver over怎么读

[diˈlivə ˈəuvə]  
[dɪˈlɪvɚ ˈovɚ]  

deliver over基本解释


deliver over的用法和例句
Deliver over one 's property to one 's children .
Hastings has wanted to move beyond the silver discs for years but his early attempts to deliver movies over the net were slow and kludgy .
Many of the changes society and industry are undergoing will only deliver benefits over the longer run . In the shorter term there will be trials and obstacles .
Hawker beechcraft alone took orders for 16 corporate jets in the first half of this year and will deliver them over the next two years .
Methods open the exhibition inquisition in chongqing region choose 5 x-rated hospitals total 289 disease area understand these diseases area sterilization to device wrap that the storage deliver and hand over to connect the condition .
That is well ; you have wished to release the people from royalty and you deliver over your daughters to the police .
These debt reductions would be required in the event that reforms and adjustments alone proved insufficient to deliver sustainable debt levels over the medium term .
For all the political hoopla devolved policing will not deliver an early victory over the dissidents who killed stephen carroll .
It looks ( and sounds ) much like youtube but victor koo its boss likens it to hulu and netflix american sites that deliver television programmes and films over the web .
Edward green : we can deliver that in three consignments over the following three months .
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