day in and day out是什么意思,day in and day out怎么读

[dei in ænd dei aut]  
[de ɪn ənd de aʊt]  

day in and day out基本解释



1. 一天又一天,一直
2. 每天连续不断
3. 每天,始终
4. 一天又一天
5. 连续几天
6. 夜以继日
7. 不分昼夜

day in and day out的用法和例句
Day in and day out we experience that first hand .
Who wants to eat the same food day in and day out ?
If you are sitting around just procrastinating day in and day out just stop over-thinking .
We had noodles for dinners day in and day out till I 'm cheesed off with them .
They are passionate about what an excellent day feels like and they chase that feeling day in and day out not the outcome of the feeling .
If you 're doing the same thing day in and day out where would the challenge be ?
If you 're writing day in and day out without a plan you need to keep reading this article . Why your writing keeps you poor
Day in and day out the global flow of goods routinely adapts to all kinds of glitches and setbacks .
Civil libertarians counter that there is a difference between a police officer visually monitoring someone 's movements and installing a device that can minutely track their comings and goings day in and day out for months at a time .
As for toby he says that maintaining the giant lie he 'd created was exhausting day in and day out .
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