day by day是什么意思,day by day怎么读

[dei bai dei]  
[de baɪ de]  

day by day基本解释



1. 日复一日
2. 一天一天地
3. 一天天地,逐日
4. 日见

day by day的用法和例句
Day by day the damage that the nuclear accident has wrought on japan 's economy its psyche and its global image is growing .
Culturally you live life day by day .
A team of french climate scientists analysed last winter 's european weather day by day .
With goodwill and imagination the g20 leaders can commit themselves to a co-ordinated co-operative solution to the financial crisis that day by day is sweeping across the developing world .
In addition the city cuts off the water broadly power cut the coal gas is let out the coal gas explodes road and bridge collapse many people are poisoned at the same time the frequency happening in these accidents has the tendency to increase day by day too .
He has also had a bellyful . The licensing processes are becoming more difficult day by day he says .
The move to digital media is increasing day by day mr. gupta said because you are connecting directly with the customer .
' Current conditions are not really conducive for issuers . The general world economic outlook is uncertain . Market sentiments can shift day by day which makes pricing very difficult ' said teresa ma a partner in linklaters 's shanghai law office .
Day by day the majority of us have a painful war with ourselves .
Day by day she learned more about her new job .
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