decide against是什么意思,decide against怎么读

[diˈsaid əˈɡenst]  
[dɪˈsaɪd əˈɡenst]  

decide against基本解释


decide against的用法和例句
We decide against a big wedding ceremony .
Nestle was still weighing its options and could decide against a bid bloomberg said citing two unnamed people with knowledge of the matter .
According to a survey conducted in july by senior executive careers site 76 per cent of uk bosses would decide against hiring a candidate because of their interview attire and 37 per cent have recently not hired someone because they deemed their clothing inappropriate .
If we choose a graduate school or join a firm get married or don 't marry move to the suburbs or forego travel abroad decide against children or against a career we fear in our marrow that we might have to live with that choice forever .
I consider refilling my beer but decide against it .
Suppliers decide against selling equipment in north carolina .
But even if parents who learn a child will have a severe developmental disorder decide against an abortion they-and their doctors-might be better prepared for a baby 's needs .
But even if congress and the administration decide against such a radical change they will have to decide what a government-controlled entity could do .
Perhaps we will decide against all war or maybe we will determine that this intervention is necessary .
The couple who wrote to me have only three options : celebrate holidays and rituals from both religions choose either judaism or christianity or decide against any religious affiliation at all .
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