base upon是什么意思,base upon怎么读

[beis əˈpɔn]  

base upon基本解释


base upon的用法和例句
In the modern opera theme and form are in harmony artistic aesthetic and ornamental aesthetic are promoted together and inheritance and innovation reach high agreement looking for the developing basic point of opera that base upon the origin and touch the future as well .
Your composite control can now be used as a base upon which other controls can be built .
Build of economy development soft environment should base upon blazing new trail and development .
At present we must base upon the actual public security work and aim at performance education to deepen public security instruction reform .
Base upon the research findings the researcher makes suggestions on the implementation of the two-stage e-learning integrated instruction module as useful reference for integrated instruction and future studies .
Chinese students for all their faults at least have a base upon which to build china 's pinnacle .
This data could serve as a warning system and also as a personal base upon which to diagnosis illness and to prescribe medicines .
State-operated seed company how market of seed of base oneself upon .
But it provided a firm base upon which all manner of men of all races and colours and creeds could build our solid structure of democracy .
Educational activity wants base oneself upon at raising a party be in office ability .
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