be down for是什么意思,be down for怎么读

[bi: daun fɔ:]  

be down for基本解释


be down for的用法和例句
If you can be down for 10 or more years exactly how much help is that ?
Are you sure she 's gonna be down for this ?
She asks them to be down for breakfast .
I don 't think your pops will be down for that .
The network or the server you are trying to connect to might be down for updates or repairs . Try waiting a while and then running the internet connection wizard again .
It would be nice to sit down and rest for a while .
Expectations are that the price index covering 20 cities will be down 18 % for the year ended in march .
Mr he estimates that enrolment at eastern pearl will be down 5 per cent for the coming school year the first decline since the school 's establishment .
In the most dramatic move german chancellor angela merkel announced tuesday that all seven of the country 's nuclear power plants built before 1980 would be shut down at least for now as safety checks are conducted .
' Though sea-level rise cannot be stopped for at least the next several hundred years with aggressive mitigation it can be slowed down and this would buy time for adaptation measures to be adopted ' the scientists added .
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