ervin是什么意思,ervin怎么读 语音:
英音  [ˈɜ:vɪn] 
美音  [ˈɚvɪn] 
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Like democrats everywhere , our people were stirred up by senator sam ervin 's watergate hearings and the continuation of the war .
Professor ervin says this means that some farmers are again using the more toxic herbicides to control weeds .
To believe that , but for the irresponsibility of the washington post and the ervin committee , he would have bequeathed the world a generation of world peace , is too much .
" I 've heard any number of developers say that if you 're putting up a non-green building today , watch out , because you will have an obsolete product ...... within just a couple of years , " says ms. ervin .
In a recent article , clark kent ervin a former senior official at the department of homeland security presented a laundry list of proposals to reduce american vulnerability to terrorism . These included abolishing the programme that allows citizens of many european countries to enter the us without a visa .