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Whatsapp 基本解释
一款目前可供iPhone手机、Android手机、Windows Phone手机、Symbian手机和黑莓手机用户使用的、用于智能手机之间通讯的应用程序
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The communication app category is crowded with rivals including skype , whatsapp , and a slew of other messaging services .
Bbm is free on blackberry devices , even for " pay and go " users with no monthly contract , while other smartphone apps such as beluga and whatsapp use minimal amounts of data , and charge a small one-off fee .
Whatsapp is so popular in the netherlands that kpn , the largest dutch telecoms operator , blamed it for an 8 per cent decline in sms volumes in its first quarter .
' It surprised me , but it 's a good sign for tencent getting abroad , because in particular wechat is a combination of whatsapp and instagram , so it 's a unique value proposition that is probably pretty good for emerging market consumers , ' he said .
That may not be the case in other countries , but there , people are already using messaging apps like whatsapp , viber , and skype .