under the name of是什么意思,under the name of怎么读

[ˈʌndə ðə neim ɔv]  
[ˈʌndɚ ði nem ʌv]  

under the name of基本解释


under the name of的用法和例句
China 's insistence that taiwan is not a sovereign nation has forced the island to take part in olympic activities under the name of chinese taipei .
Ultimately it is a question of returning to the stakeholder principle which I developed and presented in a book published in 1971 and which is now undergoing a renaissance under the name of shared value creation thanks to harvard professor michael porter .
This approach finds nowadays intensive use in operational weather forecastings where it is known under the name of ensemble forecasting .
It was a time when most pakistanis did not know about the brutality unleashed there under the name of islam .
And there is rising emerging-market interest in sibs where they go under the name of development-impact bonds .
The bureau has said it received information in january through the egmont group an international anti-money-laundering network about large transactions related to a company registered in the cayman islands under the name of the former president 's daughter-in-law .
This will open a new chart under the name of the selected voice map .
He registered under the name of colonel buendia .
He writes under the name of nimrod .
But the remittance is under the name of robert williams .
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