on approval是什么意思,on approval怎么读

[ɔn əˈpru:vəl]  

on approval基本解释



1. 包退包换的
2. 包退包换
3. 试销
4. 供试用的,包退包换的
5. 包退换的

on approval的用法和例句
Responsible for rcds document establishment based on approval dossiers and preparing updates to rcds consistent with approved manufacturing changes and procedural requirements .
The saic and its authorized administration for industry and commerce of the provincial level shall make a decision on approval or disapproval within 20 days as of the day when they received the complete set of documents .
The competent foreign trade department under the state council examines the authenticity of the technology export contract and decides within fifteen working days from the date of receipt of the documents provided for in the preceding provision on approval or disapproval of the technology export .
They took the vcr on approval .
The banking regulatory branch bureau or banking regulatory bureau of the city where the loan company is located shall make a decision on approval or disapproval within 2 months as of the date of acceptance .
Article 6 the circ shall examine an application for investing in an oversea insurance enterprise by a non-insurance enterprise and shall make a decision on approval or disapproval within 20 days as of the date of acceptance of the application .
Article 11 after receiving a complete set of the documents for a product raising application the csrc shall examine the application materials make a decision on approval or disapproval and inform the applicant of the decision in the written form .
An administrative organ has made decisions on requisition of collectively-owned land and on approval of construction-use land permission for house demolition and relocation and commodity house sale in advance and other decisions related to real estate rights .
Hanlong which already holds 18.6 per cent of sundance offered 50 australian cents per share for the rest of the company conditional on approval from the sundance board and regulators .
The banking regulatory bureau shall make a written decision on approval or disapproval within 4 months as of its receipt of a compete set of the application materials or after it accepts the application .
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