make at是什么意思,make at怎么读

[meik æt]  

make at基本解释



1. 扑向
2. 袭击

make at的用法和例句
You may one day have far more choices to make at the checkout counter .
Chinese investors can generate returns of over 100 % per year on investments they make at home ; this is rare in the us market .
From solar water heaters and gadget chargers to homemade super-efficientrefrigerators you 'll find links ( with instructions ) to some of the best projects you can make at home ......
For instance if a chinese hostess is praised for a dish she will demur and perhaps say that it is not difficult to make at all .
Think about any changes you might need to make at home so they have the time space and energy for homework .
Losing my virginity at 16 was just about making a choice that I wanted to make at that age .
By contrast it can make at least a full percentage point more on lending in asia outside japan .
They have too readily assumed that central banks can make at least short-term nominal interest rates what they like and have concentrated on esoteric exercises on the path they should follow .
Last year he completed the haj the pilgrimage to mecca that every muslim is expected to make at least once .
Check out our 10 + dishes and drinks everyone should know how to make at home plus how to eat healthy when you hate cooking .
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