leak away是什么意思,leak away怎么读

[li:k əˈwei]  
[lik əˈwe]  

leak away基本解释


leak away的用法和例句
Batteries must be kept in dry places for fear that electricity leak away .
Currents thus leak away and signals are degraded .
Batteries should be kept in a dry place for fear that electricity should leak away .
But the resulting commoditization with competition focused increasingly on price isn 't great for the firms involved as the economic benefits leak away to others .
Suspected a leak in your department . Didn 't want the octopus getting away .
A whole tankful of gasolene dropped away because of the tiny leak .
Recent troubles like the leak of a secret phone prototype and the antenna problems reported by some owners of the iphone 4 have chipped away at that image somewhat .
However the gentleman in question was a secret service agent in charge of protecting the potus and seemingly took a leak in full view of barack obama and his hundreds of supporters who were just yards away .
Renault said it was the victim of an organised international spy network as the french government shied away from pointing the finger at china over the leak of secrets relating to electric vehicles .
But in a video posted on youtube mike ellis a skipper from venice louisiana accuses bp of chasing away a boat of conservationists trying to rescue turtles caught in the oil and weed a few miles away from the leak .
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