labour for是什么意思,labour for怎么读

[ˈleibə fɔ:]  

labour for基本解释



1. 为...而努力工作
2. 努力争取

labour for的用法和例句
Mr tatchell said that the civil partnerships introduced by labour for same-sex couples were a form of sexual apartheid because they institutionalised different marriage laws for heterosexual and homosexual people .
Falling real wages also justify substituting labour for capital .
Young people and their parents are subsidising labour for fortune 500 companies mr perlin comments .
Her partner exchanged his labour for a reduction on the cost of their home .
I can imagine three plausible explanations : cyclical labour hoarding ; substitution of labour for capital ; and huge obstacles to the efficient deployment of capital .
But unfortunately specialised wage labour for a global market is the most effective means yet devised for lifting masses out of poverty .
Those who provided labour for the housing boom in america ( notably latinos ) ireland ( poles ) and china ( rural chinese going to cities on the eastern seaboard ) have been among the first to be laid off .
The enclosures and other improvements in agriculture made their contributions by providing food for the rising population labour for the factories and some of the raw materials needed by industry .
Migrants from the countryside the main source of labour for export-oriented industries and construction sites have been the hardest hit so far .
Labour hoarding substitution of labour for capital and failings in finance must explain parts of the puzzle . But we do not understand what has happened .
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