keep to oneself是什么意思,keep to oneself怎么读

[ki:p tu: wʌnˈself]  

keep to oneself基本解释



1. 不与他人交往
2. 不告诉别人
3. 不与人来往

keep to oneself的用法和例句
One must keep such interests to oneself .
Such as to be successful and remembered to keep harmony in the family or to prove oneself we humans are thirst for attention .
To reflect the I can do is keep the amendments themselves having to ask for help finding oneself knowing
Keep sb at arm 's length not allow oneself to become too friendly with sb .
To keep a diet balance is a reflection of one 's cultural civilization and attainment and is the key to conquer oneself and guarantee one 's subsistence to enjoy happiness in life .
Disappointed to oneself disappointed to everything all round disappointed to fail to keep faith .
The central meaning shared by these verbs is to keep or prevent oneself from doing or saying something
The classmates should make sure to keep it in mind to improve self-protection ability ensure the personal security . Please treat oneself kindly treat life kindly treat kindly the bright life belonging to ourselves !
Unlike their grandmothers they travel on public transport to work or school . Headscarves keep hair clean declare seriousness and modesty to pestering men and are a cheap way to make oneself look presentable .
There are two very difficult things in the world . One is to make a name for oneself and the other is to keep it .
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