keep in check是什么意思,keep in check怎么读

[ki:p in tʃek]  

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keep in check的用法和例句
Seeking to keep in check expectations about europe 's largest economy mr weber told die zeit newspaper that the recovery we are now seeing is based largely on public sector support measures the loose monetary policy help for the banking sector and the stimulus package .
Wow life would be pretty boring without treats wouldn 't it ? I have a very sweet tooth which I have to make an effort to keep in check .
Big bang theorists argue that the universe one second after its purported start had to expand at a rate rapid enough to keep in check the gravitational attraction of galaxies .
His most noticeable flaw is his arrogance which he has tried to keep in check but which slipped out in november when he remarked : I am the government .
Hot summers threatened the reliability of the us 's power infrastructure in the past but a tepid recovery has helped utilities keep loads in check .
Inadequate sleep is known to impair the ability to think handle stress maintain a healthy immune system and keep emotions in check .
In the capital police and soldiers were ordered to guard kabul bank branches and razor wire was strung outside the main branch to keep crowds in check .
Home sales remain very weak which has helped keep growth in check .
Other navy forces were needed in the persian gulf to keep iran in check .
Essential oils have antiseptic properties that help keep bacteria in check .
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