keep from是什么意思,keep from怎么读

[ki:p frɔm]  

keep from基本解释

隐瞒;阻止; 免于;忍住


1. 阻止,抑制
2. 避开
3. 抑制
4. 使免于
5. 瞒住

keep from的用法和例句
She looks at him tries to keep from crying .
Tuck a pantry shelving or cabinets flush with the wall to keep from obstructing the kitchen 's flow .
To keep from packing on pounds experts say limit food consumption to your hours of peak activity .
Part six : how to keep from worrying about criticism
It 's how to decide what to keep from the past and what to take from all the new choices a growing economy offers .
There were rumours that one reason local officials might have wanted him dead was to keep from being elected again .
Physical and mental health are closely intertwined and it 's hard to keep from stressing out when one 's body is failing .
Six children are huddled into one bedto keep from freezing for they have no fire .
If you 're tilting it from a container into the steaming kettle the lobster will sometimes try to cling to the container 's sides or even to hook its claws over the kettle 's rim like a person trying to keep from going over the edge of a roof .
Use pillows to prop yourself on your side or attach a tennis ball with a rubber band to the back of a t-shirt to keep from turning over on your back .
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