impose on是什么意思,impose on怎么读

[imˈpəuz ɔn]  

impose on基本解释



1. 欺骗
2. 利用
3. 施加影响于

impose on的用法和例句
We have drawn the most controversy by proposing a national fund for local news with money the federal government collects from or could impose on american telecom users broadcast licenees or internet service providers .
By contrast jim yong kim the american public-health professor whom barack obama wants to impose on the bank has at most one .
The only limits to your success are those that you impose on yourself .
The trouble is that the cuts in government expenditures that germany wants to impose on other countries will push europe into a deflationary debt trap .
Regulation should impose on all participants in the chain an obligation to manage their affairs to the fiduciary standards appropriate to anyone who takes responsibility for the management of other people 's money .
Yet over time immigrants more than repay the extra short-term burden they impose on education health and other budgets .
A better approach is to view computer security as an issue of public health and economics in which people can protect themselves but must pay for the costs they impose on others .
The export quotas china continues to impose on rare earths even when it does let ships leave the docks are restricting global supplies and causing world market prices to soar far beyond what chinese companies pay .
She would never impose on her anything she might dislike .
People sense your strength and do not impose on you .
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