hand in是什么意思,hand in怎么读

hand in基本解释

交上; 递交; 呈送;把…扶上车


1. 上交,交纳
2. 交上,递上
3. 上交,交进
4. 交出
5. 交出,提出
6. 交上,递交
7. 交上来
8. 上交,递交
9. 提交,递上
10. 交纳

hand in的用法和例句
Could I hand in my paper a few days late ?
A man sleeps on a park bench with his hand in his pocket in beijing .
The general idea is that cultural evolution and individual development go hand in hand .
The latter reform would give the federal government a strong hand in some areas and a lighter touch in many others .
Now eric has taken her hand in marriage a union that is surely blessed by god .
Welcome to the era of green gadgets where saving money goes hand in hand with saving the environment .
A hike in car taxes prompted many drivers to hand in their licence plates .
Luckily my english foundation was considerably solid and could express myself effortlessly which rendered me hand in my paper one hour earlier .
Students hand in written work when they think it is ready rather than to a deadline and they have to make a public commitment to do something for their peers .
They approach the lecture trembling and weeping saying how they have just been dumped by their long-term partner and forgot to hand in the essay ( they had done it in time honestly ! )
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