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He tried to feel me up ! That prick actually tried to put his hand down my shirt !
Judges at the un-backed court for rwanda are to hand down a verdict for the only woman to be charged with genocide before an international court .
I believe that the correct punishment should be one year in prison and that is what I am requesting that the district court hand down in this case prosecutor haakan roswall told the court .
Through a field research into zhuang costume this paper is to study the situation of traditional costume of zhuang nationality to analyze the factors influencing its heritance and to explore ways to hand down and develop zhuang costume culture in modern time .
Your name is called please put your hand down .
To accomplish this after the mark the handler moves his delivering hand down and away from the dog kind of like a wand .
To impart or convey to others by heredity or inheritance ; hand down .
Put your right hand down on this paper .
If you want to emphasize a point you might bring your hand down across your body in a single smooth motion .
He brought his hand down on the table with a thump .
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