get on for是什么意思,get on for怎么读

[ɡet ɔn fɔ:]  

get on for基本解释


get on for的用法和例句
Remember that an untrained horse can behave wildly and can in turn put your life in danger every time you get on for a ride .
They couldn 't get on for lack of materials .
It was an enjoyable 40 minute trip and the guy I had been sitting next to showed me the bus to get on for sanjiang .
So a trip to mars might involve taking six months to get there and then staying on mars for two years .
My machine child bought get on for a year begin the phenomenon with respect to occurrence shan bing from yesterday checked to the net frightened jump greatly so the indication screen of this 6531s type appeared same question hp is really too make a person disappointed !
Some of us get so used to the rush of handling crises that we become dependent on it for asense of excitement and energy .
In our attempt to get ahead be successful or climb the corporate ladder we 're always on the lookout for shortcuts .
He get a rap on the knuckle for his bad work .
Get him on one side for a moment .
We 're gonna get you some air . Come on breathe for me linc .
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