equip with是什么意思,equip with怎么读

[iˈkwip wið]  
[ɪˈkwɪp wɪð]  

equip with基本解释



1. 以...装备
2. 装备,配备
3. 装置

equip with的用法和例句
Equip with armed and armored motor vehicles .
Failing to equip with emergency and first-aid facilities or formulate emergency and first-aid pre-schemes for the operations in which high toxic substances are used according to the provisions .
The future elites should equip with the professional competence to fit for professional job .
One way to protect a satellite would be to equip it with sensors and rockets to enable it to dodge an incoming missile .
Failing to equip with necessary rescue apparatuses and equipment and failing to regularly repair or maintain the said instruments and equipment and guarantee the normal operation thereof .
Three equip yourself with the right kit .
Industrial enterprises shall enhance their management of water consumption equip with or use acceptable water volume measuring devices and establish a water consumption statistics system and a water use analysis system .
Adopt national famous engine of yiqi xichai dongfanghong with oil saving and high efficiency and strong power and equip with dongfeng gear shift and axle which is famous in the market for more than twenty years ; optimize the whole car frame with superstrength loading .
The hong kong police force said officers are provided with incessant training to equip them with the knowledge and skills in carrying out their duties as well as providing services in a fair and impartial manner .
The course aims to equip people with the skills necessary for a job in this technological age .
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