abstract from是什么意思,abstract from怎么读

[ˈæbstrækt frɔm]  
[ˈæbˌstrækt frʌm]  

abstract from基本解释

take sth.out of sth.else;separate 提取;抽出;摘录…的要点

abstract from的用法和例句
To abstract from the historical process and to fix the religious sentiment as something by itself and to presuppose an abstract -- isolated -- human individual .
How did they learn to abstract from these first associations so that yuk or something like it began to refer to all tasty clams rather than one ?
Abstract from the angle of enhancing the management of coal mine safety an inquiry is made on the running principle method adapting conditions and the effect of stereo-mode management target management and revolving round management .
Abstract : from 1990s on the internet banking rises gradually with the development of electronic commerce around the globe .
Abstract : from the point of a person from infancy to maturity game is an important part of his life . By analyzing the possibility to use games for teaching foreign languages .
This is an abstract piece from earlier this century .
Platonism began the west 's pursuit of abstract truth from the times of ancient greece .
Abstract : from the past to the present according to different main body the educational aims had varied .
Abstract : from the point of view of sustainable development it is vitally important for chinese agriculture to implement five technology development strategies and strengthen technical study of four fields .
Viewing the relationship between thinking in images and abstract thought from atom modle .
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