absorb into是什么意思,absorb into怎么读

[əbˈsɔ:b ˈɪntuː]  
[əbˈsɔrb ˈɪntu]  

absorb into基本解释


absorb into的用法和例句
That was the old rule of thumb for the growth needed to absorb new entrants into the labour market .
The romans decided that assimilation was the best form of defence and many of the exhibits illuminate the lengths to which roman bureaucrats and soldiers went to absorb foreigners into the machinery of empire .
So while both sets of workers are seeing a drop in unemployment rates the decline for less educated workers is due to the exit of unemployed workers from the labour force while the decline for more educated workers is due to an employment rise sufficient to absorb new entrants into the labour force .
Either the emerging world as a whole starts to absorb these surpluses into potentially productive younger nests or the world will be stuck in a demand trap with everybody seeking export surpluses .
Using insect repellant preferably the type that doesn 't have to absorb into the skin and can be sprayed on clothing ( if it kills or repels insect just imagine what those chemicals are doing to your body ) can help prevent some bites .
However infants receiving human milk actually absorb more calcium into their bodies due to the fact that cow 's milk is so rich in calcium .
These countries have produced their own draft document which would absorb any new agreement into the existing kyoto framework .
That gives it the opportunity to absorb and thus convert into electricity most of the red light falling on it as well as the blue .
The release of radioactive water is a growing threat to japan 's immediate marine environment where local seaweed and shellfish in particular can absorb radiation and introduce it into the food chain .
We might even see schools absorb the cost of these tablets into tuition fees .
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