under correction是什么意思,under correction怎么读

[ˈʌndə kəˈrekʃən]  
[ˈʌndɚ kəˈrɛkʃən]  

under correction基本解释


under correction的用法和例句
I 'm speaking under correction .
I speak under correction ; for I am not a specialist .
Article 31 where a lawyer or a law firm engaging in securities legal servicelegal business in securities is under any of the following circumstances csrc and its representative offices may take such measures as ordering correction arranging a supervisory interview and issuing a letter of warning .
Now that a general election is under way republicans have made a hasty correction .
We believe that the chinese authorities will take measures to put a floor under stock prices in the event of further correction he said .
The correction now under way ought to do the same .
Subj ect to exemptions under the personal data ( privacy ) ordinance you have a right of access and correction with respect to personal data .
If an employer illegally recruits persons under the age of 16 the labour administrative department in charge shall command a correction and a fine .
Research on power rent-seeking behavior and its correction under human feelings and face
Our housing market is under a lot of stress both because of the adjustment going on because of the housing price correction but also because the mortgage market is dysfunctional to some extent he said .
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