take charge of是什么意思,take charge of怎么读

[teik tʃɑ:dʒ ɔv]  

take charge of基本解释

控制, 掌管, 承担责;秉;主持;执


1. 负责,看管
2. 负责,主管
3. 管理,负责
4. 负责,管理
5. 担任,负责
6. 负责
7. 照管
8. 主管
9. 接管
10. 司职

take charge of的用法和例句
While that continues assistant coach ray wilkins will take charge of the team on a temporary basis .
Brussels need not take charge of tax and spending nor need eurobonds cover all government debts .
Enhances the capacity of the community members to fully take charge of their lives and fully address emerging challenges using available resources .
If like us you have a family history of heart disease it 's an early wake-up call and an opportunity for you to take charge of your health .
Article 3 the state department for cultural administration shall take charge of the work concerning cultural relics throughout the country .
As gordon brown blunders his way across britain party spin-doctors have called in stephen hopkins director of the nail-biting television series 24 to take charge of election videos .
After overseeing the look and feel of products such as search and gmail for a long time she moved to take charge of the company 's location and local services including google maps .
Was elected the new president of the club and will take charge of management at the next meeting .
Women often suffer greatly during divorce but at least we can take charge of our lives and move on .
As the americans pivot towards the pacific europeans will need to take charge of their own security and the stability of their neighbourhood .
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