take account of是什么意思,take account of怎么读

[teik əˈkaunt ɔv]  

take account of基本解释



1. 考虑到,顾虑,体谅
2. 考虑到
3. 顾及
4. 照顾
5. 注意
6. 体谅

take account of的用法和例句
But that does not take account of the coincidence between the results of the separate experiments .
The agenda for dealing with swfs must take account of disturbing trends in the global marketplace .
Any new framework cannot just deal with paper products but must take account of the fact that information often reaches the public through social networks and blogs .
Civil wars inter-state conflicts problems with energy climate change or nuclear non-proliferation all of these require political settlements that take account of the interests of all involved .
Hall has devised a far more sophisticated web-based model which allows people to take account of this effect as well as factors such as exercise to plot a more likely weight loss progression .
Buyers of cloud services must take account of the dangers of lock-in and favour service providers who allow them to switch between services without too much hassle .
That is precisely how city planners like it . It means they can meet the needs of some of the world 's biggest banks without having to take account of the very different requirements of a large residential population .
The current results therefore suggest that employment strategies seeking to promote positive outcomes for unemployed individuals need to also take account of job design and workplace policy .
In the case of the central ozp and the criii works time has passed and good administration should seek to avoid delay and take account of third parties rights involved .
He concedes comparisons with the us have to take account of europe 's ageing population and that the rise of capital markets hedge funds and private equity may be forcing change across the continent .
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