take a chair是什么意思,take a chair怎么读

[teik ə tʃɛə]  

take a chair基本解释


take a chair的用法和例句
Take a chair @ said the elf @ and I will ring for the wand of speech .
Even when he came home he would take a chair outside and just read regardless of whether or not it was busy in the fields .
How could you take apart a good quality chair in order to fix the dwsks ?
When / if I do take it off I 'm almost certain to leave it on the back of a chair or a bus .
The chair is a fifth wheel please take it away .
When everyone took a chair mr smith began to take the chair .
Now you can take a little light exercise without leaving the comfort of your chair .
Employers often have groups of employees try out several chair models for a few weeks and sometimes take opinion surveys .
Balance testing the dragoon screw : I wandered into our test lab recently and pulled up a chair to watch part of our balance team take the age of empires3multi-player game through its paces .
If the rung of a chair is loose you have to take the chair apart put glue in all the rung holes and then try to find a way to clamp uneven surfaces together .
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