send off是什么意思,send off怎么读

send off基本解释



1. 判罚出场
2. 邮寄,发送
3. 欢送
4. 派遣
5. 解雇

send off的用法和例句
Got time before a meeting starts ? Organize your to-do list send off some emails write some notes on a project you 're working on .
I sing a mountain song to send off the sun .
I 'll give you time to note down where to send off for them .
They 'll probably book an appointment with you with the job center as well and they 'll start to get that form completed which you can obviously then send off once it comes through .
We are gathered here today to send off one of our managers mr. liu who has been appointed to his new post in new york .
If mormonism is growing in taiwan soon there will be more mormon missionary send off fromtaiwan to mainland china .
Next time you want to send off a homing pigeon warn me first .
That 's cool too I am always up for meeting new people and try to have a send off every thursday night in each city with all the people I have met and worked with during that week .
Would you please drop in at the post office on your way home and send off this book for me ?
The national science foundation has funded ground-based radars which send off radio waves that reflect off the ionosphere allowing scientists to measure the speed at which the ions in the ionosphere are moving .
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