seeing that是什么意思,seeing that怎么读

[ˈsi:ɪŋ ðæt]  
[ˈsiɪŋ ðæt]  

seeing that基本解释

因为, 由于, 鉴于

seeing that的用法和例句
There 's nothing like seeing that kind of help for other people to really inspire you .
Seeing that less than 20 % of south africans know whether they have hiv or not it may also have helped to lessen the stigma that afflicts people with aids and hampers efforts to tackle the epidemic .
He gave tanya a hug and seeing that her face was like thunder whisked her into the private party room .
He forces his way into michael 's cell and grabs t-bag seeing that t-bag was holding bob prisoner . Whoa whoa whoa . I didn 't touch the man you can ask him . Things have changed since we last met t-bag frantically explains .
The bill from the nineteen-forties still looked brand-new and seeing that crisp note made don feel sad .
We get all we need in simply knowing they share a moment private to them and seeing that it contains something true before they part forever .
China 's growth is helping the rest of the world and our interest is seeing that growth continue but to evolve into a more balanced growth .
The man who hated him attended every performance in the hope sometime of seeing that lion crunch down .
The second signal comes from the eyes which are seeing that the objects around you are not passing by and hence you are standing still .
This is seeing that we feel pain .
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