rest with是什么意思,rest with怎么读

[rest wið]  

rest with基本解释

在于, 取决于

rest with的用法和例句
Their main hope now appears to rest with the communist party 's leadership .
Nevertheless spirit cannot rest with this form which is not its complete realisation .
Article 39 where an enterprise can not follow the stipulations in article 36 and article 38 of this law due to its special production nature it may adopt other rules on working hours and rest with the approval of the labour administrative department .
We think we can push in the rest with a second operation .
Bastien-daigle said the final decision will rest with the fisheries minister after looking at scientific inform-ation the socio-economic impact and comments from canadians .
That remarkable news comes with an equally stunning corollary -- the key to success doesn 't rest with some undiscovered therapies or treatments .
Her hopes now rest with another scheme called pnpm generasi .
And jeroboam was king for twenty-two years and was put to rest with his fathers and nadab his son became king in his place .
Party b requires that party a make a partial deposit at the beginning and make compensation of the rest with products after the equipment is put into operation .
As with other professions such as law medicine and accounting the body of knowledge rest with the practitioners and academics that apply and advance it .
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