rail off是什么意思,rail off怎么读

[reil ɔf]  

rail off基本解释




rail off的用法和例句
Rail firm connex is to investigate how the pram rolled off the platform and the train driver will be offered counselling .
But kind the that situation appear getting less in chance so can have chosen not relying mainly on rail transportation I on and off duty .
But using its clout as the nation 's mover of coal - and now as the developer of high-speed rail into one of china 's technological and industrial crown jewels - the rail ministry has adroitly fended off reform .
Hundreds of german rail workers walked off the job yesterday at the start of a 42-hour strike of freight routes that threatens to disrupt manufacturing .
The last rail wagon was off loaded saturday afternoon in time for the last shipment to be sent off by midnight .
The shining new tracks would enable britain 's private rail firms to run over 1000 extra journeys a week and shave up to 30 % off journey times between some of the country 's biggest cities . A full hour would be cut from the five and-half hour trip from london to glasgow .
The world bank report while lauding the benefits of china 's high-speed rail plan for the country 's economy warned that in the past such trains have struggled to pay off their high construction bills because steep ticket prices kept passenger volumes below forecasts .
I said off the rail !
The car caromed off the guard rail into the ditch .
Hundreds of people were injured when the train went off the rail .
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