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pull ahead是什么意思,pull ahead怎么读

[pul əˈhed]  
[pʊl əˈhɛd]  

pull ahead基本解释


pull ahead的用法和例句
That delay allowed youku tudou 's larger rival to pull ahead quickly .
Assertive dogs are leashed and corrected when they pull ahead during a walk or training exercise .
And I think that we 're gonna pull ahead and we 're gonna finish this out strong .
During the last lap of the race one of the runners began to pull ahead .
Globally poorer countries began to catch up with richer ones and within countries richer people began to pull ahead .
That driver is trying to overtake . Slow down a bit and let him pull ahead .
As a result fierce competition has driven them to resort to all sorts of measures to pull ahead of their rivals and avoid going bankrupt .
In that respect as in so many others the states are starting to pull ahead of washington .
When acer acquired gateway in 2007 the taiwanese company was eager to pull ahead of lenovo with which it had been trading neck-and-neck .
If you have a country with four times the population of the us and a tenth of the wages it is fairly obvious they will pull ahead at some time in productive capabilities he said .
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