proceed from是什么意思,proceed from怎么读

[prəˈsi:d frɔm]  

proceed from基本解释

从…出发[开始];从…产生, 起因于;入手;出于



proceed from的用法和例句
But these laws have been formulated by and are enforcedby people who proceed from the proposition that animals are fundamentallyinferior to human beings .
If we thus acted we should proceed from observation and experience and should for instance say we habitually employ the term ' force ' in such a case and such a meaning .
Goal is to proceed from reality but also as far as possible to make it more ambitious better butter like people and day trip in ten people state of mind is not the same high mountain and hill climb people play potential is not the same .
Start with small paragraphs like writing an article for a newspaper and proceed from there .
The chapters proceed from simple concepts to more complicated ones starting with the simplest of all : working out how big a number is .
China hopes that japan will honor its commitment proceed from larger perspective and prudently handle relevant major issues .
To proceed from this point in formulating our strategy of long-term warfare is one of the important principles guiding our strategy .
China is a developing country . As the country is underdeveloped on a whole the poverty reduction and development effort should proceed from national reality start from resolving the most pending problems take into account available resources and make sure to address key issues phase by phase .
All invitations must proceed from heaven perhaps .
So shall we proceed from my plans ?
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