lay to是什么意思,lay to怎么读

[lei tu:]  

lay to基本解释



1. 掉头向风停船
2. 归罪于
3. 归于
4. 掉头向风行船顶风停船

lay to的用法和例句
Let me lay to rest the bugaboo of what is called devaluation .
The sea now calm clear and reflecting the midmorning sun lay to her right .
Re-allocate the con-rod cover and the connecting rod and lay to one side .
He says the alaska study may lay to rest some of the long-running discussions from physiologists who treat bear hibernation as a different and ' lesser ' form compared with the big metabolic shifts seen in small animals such as ground squirrels .
By bell 's time others had invented wires and the telegraph had discovered electricity and the basic principles of acoustics . It lay to bell to assemble the pieces : no mean feat but not a superhuman one .
Get dark the moon went home to go to bed the small bird went home to go to bed I also lay to go to bed on the small bed .
And you gentlemen bring yourselves to ! - You needn 't stand up for mr. hawkins ; he 'll excuse you you may lay to that .
She knew that rawdow and his wife would lay to miss crawley .
It must lay to rest worries of vulnerability .
Mr casey vowed to stay on and to lay to rest allegations of improper business dealings .
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