keep open house是什么意思,keep open house怎么读

[ki:p ˈəupən haus]  

keep open house基本解释



1. 好客,随时欢迎来客
2. 非常好客
3. 随时欢迎来客
4. 盛情款待来客

keep open house的用法和例句
We keep open house for all our friends .
We keep open house so come and see us any time .
My new neighbours seems very friendly they said they keep open house and I could call round at any time .
In the evenings he 'd keep open house for his cronies with endless champagne .
Keep the doors of your house open of course but also open your face and expression for these are the window to the soul .
O daughter give thought and attention and let your ear be open ; no longer keep in mind your people and your father 's house ;
The president also wants to close tax loopholes worth billions of dollars that encourage companies to invest in overseas while republicans in the house have voted 11 times in just the last four years to keep those loopholes open .
The lack of seriousness in the house is reflected in the taunting bill it passed on thursday to keep the government open for another week at an absurdly high cost of $ 12 billion in cuts and the ban on district of columbia abortion financing .
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