n.[冒险岛]魔灵;[人名] 凯奇

And the relation ship between the differential shrin - kage and creep and the sectional characteristics as well as its effect on a composite beam are also investigated .
( Conclusion ) There are significant haplotypes and lin - ( kage ) disequilibrium among the five SNPs in β - fibrinogen gene in Han population . Moreover , the haplotype CA , CA and CG could lower the incidence rate for cerebral infarction .
A 3D casting technology CAD system about axis has been developed by making full use of powerful function of Pro / Engineer 2001 , and Pro / Toolkit that is the further developing software pac - kage of Pro / Engineer , as well as MFC which is the Visual C + + program \'s important software resource , taking full advantage of tools supplied by VC + + \'s developing environment .
The possibility of rapid construction by using shrinkage-compensated concrete in hydraulic engineering are investigated in light of test results of using shrin - kage compensated concrete in three dam construction practices . The third test is long block and full-face placement are used . The study results show that it is possible for rapid construction of dam to adopt the shrinkage compensated concrete in hydraulic engineering .
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