inquire of是什么意思,inquire of怎么读

[inˈkwaiə ɔv]  
[ɪnˈkwaɪr ʌv]  

inquire of基本解释


inquire of的用法和例句
She inquire of me how I enjoy the concert .
The organizers of one british event last year had to inquire of the tax office whether clinton was properly classified as a statesman or entertainer the latter requiring a 22 percent tax on the speaking fee .
Report to inquire of or make suggestions to relevant administrative departments on issues concerning the legal rights and interests of consumers ;
All you had to do was to inquire of some one about the theatre for the manager and ask for a position .
Statement is final return look forward to to look each tv station is a basis with the real case of incident cutout concerns disloyal report toward forbidden overload the rights and interests that saves responsibility of pair of law of inquire of concerned tv station at the same time cai huimin .
At the stock market your broker will inquire of other broker if they know of anyone who would like to sell the stock that you want to purchase .
The shepherds are senseless and do not inquire of the lord ; so they do not prosper and all their flock is scattered .
And did not inquire of the lord . So the lord put him to death and turned the kingdom over to david son of jesse .
Then they said to him please inquire of god to learn whether our journey will be successful .
In the seventh year in the fifth month on the tenth day some of the elders of israel came to inquire of the lord and they sat down in front of me .
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