in view of是什么意思,in view of怎么读

[in vju: ɔv]  

in view of基本解释

由于, 鉴于;基于


1. 由于,考虑到
2. 考虑到,由于
3. 有鉴于,考虑到
4. 鉴于,由于
5. 鉴于,考虑到
6. 考虑到

in view of的用法和例句
The nantou county government said that in view of the two deaths that occurred last year they took special precautions this year .
But further reductions are unlikely in view of the political tumult during the first year of the presidency of michel martelly a former musician .
In view of their limited adaptive capacity smallholder farmers pastoralists and artisanal fishers in ssa are among the most vulnerable to the impact of climate change .
The former are undesirable and the latter terrifying particularly in view of the huge rise in the state 's exposure to the risks .
This is one of my favorite sayings especially in view of the fact that talking the talk is so prevalent and walking the walk so rare in this age of sound bites .
In view of skyrocketing housing prices and other costs in the bigger cities many have suggested the threshold be raised as high as 5000 yuan .
A first step in view of the growing worldwide demands for energy and limiting greenhouse gases will be to establish international control and management of the entire nuclear fuel cycle for civilian power .
In view of this situation researchers from the technical research in 2006 established a series of quality control system .
This paper analysed quanzhou bay firth wetland biodiversity characters and raised wetland resource sustainable utilization countermeasures in view of its facing challenge .
In view of the current existing flaws in university information literacy instruction some ideas and measures of information literacy instruction in university library are proposed .
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