in condition是什么意思,in condition怎么读

[in kənˈdiʃən]  

in condition基本解释



1. 健康状况好
2. 身体条件适合

in condition的用法和例句
A departure or an exception may be necessary in condition .
Use dimensions economy theory analytic airline issues the applicability of network of centre radiate route in condition of diverse demand feature study the applied foreground that this network is in china .
Exercised daily to keep herself in condition .
Three different conclusions because of the change in condition .
To sink in status or dignity or worsen in condition .
In condition of variety and quality of wheat in our country it is more and more importance of flour improvers acting on catalyzing and leading for the market regulated and amalgamated .
From all the countries they are being transported irrespective of age and sex and in condition of appalling horror and brutality to eastern europe .
2 The permit holder shall deposit with the director within 2 months after the operation of the project 3 hard copies and 1 soft copy of the monitoring record on the odour levels and any action taken to reduce the odour level as set out in condition 2.1 .
When the lease term is expired if party b hasn 't violated this contract and if he is equivalent with other lessees in condition party b enjoys priority in leasing the premises .
In last few years many places had been explored go out to fall in condition of socialist market economy perfect and democratic conduct financial transactions strengthen check to supervise perfect ego tie the financial management new approach that ego develops the health to rural economics went to main safeguard effect since development .
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