in a manner是什么意思,in a manner怎么读

[in ə ˈmænə]  

in a manner基本解释



1. 有几分,有点儿
2. 以这样的方式
3. 用一种方式
4. 在某种意义上
5. 在某种程度上
6. 多多少少

in a manner的用法和例句
Present your business in a manner that 's short sweet and to the point .
Another strength is the way he blends together economic financial and political analysis in a manner that far too few historians are equipped to do .
He is now in a dilemma in a manner of speaking .
The rudder hinge moment and control force are treated in a manner similar to that employed for the elevator .
A princeton university scientist will present new evidence today demonstrating that sugar can be an addictive substance wielding its power over the brains of lab animals in a manner similar to many drugs of abuse .
So why are we tackling our economic problems in a manner that is shortsighted and wrong-footed ?
The resolution authority is structured to manage the failure of a financial firm in a manner that protects taxpayers and the broader economy and promotes stability in the financial system .
They believe raw milk obtained from healthy pasture-fed animals strengthens the immune system in a manner similar to human breast milk and that it cures digestive tract conditions such as crohn 's disease .
Other tests have shown explosives can be hidden on the body in a manner unlikely to be detected by those monitoring images generated by the scanners .
Bohm worked with pribram on the theory that the brain operates in a manner similar to a hologram in accordance with quantum mathematical principles and the characteristics of wave patterns .
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