happen upon是什么意思,happen upon怎么读

[ˈhæpən əˈpɔn]  

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But if scientists happen upon pure fusion who knows what they might do with it ?
It will happen and then the suffering upon earth will be dealt with quite quickly and a happy civilization will emerge .
Ladybugs spiders grasshoppers earthworm or whatever kind of bug you happen upon when you 've got your camera out and ready .
Whether you love the holidays for strictly religious reasons or for the fun celebratory traditions that surround them you 'll be able to appreciate your own dust art if you happen upon it at your local walmart parking lot .
Just when any quakes happen or where is not something we are allowed to comment upon .
Moving from the darkness into the light cannot happen overnight but you have grounded the light upon earth and the grid is now operative .
They hoped that something similar would happen in china that thousands upon thousands of people would take to the streets to demonstrate against the people 's government .
We fear then that worse is about to happen for the very core of things banking and economic depend upon trust and trust is now wholly lacking in europe .
I 'm not predicting all these things will definitely happen . But if just some of these changes are forced upon us we 're talking about major upheavals-and the need for major resources especially in poorer countries .
And what would happen when one of them died . We all knew chris was the strong one and kate was dependent upon him .
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