get the jump on是什么意思,get the jump on怎么读

[ɡet ðə dʒʌmp ɔn]  

get the jump on基本解释

抢在…之前行动, 对…占优先地位

get the jump on的用法和例句
If you want to go with us you 'll have to get the jump on you .
One involves the rise of high-speed trading : some institutions including goldman sachs have been using superfast computers to get the jump on other investors buying or selling stocks a tiny fraction of a second before anyone else can react .
Then we 'll get a jump on the traffic .
So I figured I 'd take the afternoon off and get a jump on tutoring .
You want me to jump ? Get on the front of the boat . Got it ?
Mr. loh says he wanted to get a jump on the market before property values rise .
You can hold on to the past and get left in the dust ; or you can choose to jump on the ride of life and live a new adventure with perseverance and an open mind .
If they got the chance
The early opening strategy is to get a jump on the nerves they have he said .
And many of the currency moves may be attributable to investors hoping to get a jump on any such action .
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