fasten upon是什么意思,fasten upon怎么读

[ˈfɑ:sən əˈpɔn]  

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fasten upon的用法和例句
As his aunt would not let him tease his sick brother he began to fasten himself upon her .
And they tied unto it a lace of blue to fasten it on high upon the mitre ; as the lord commanded moses .
We have received one or two communications the object of which is to fasten the crime of the late atrocity upon mennais .
Blessed is any weight however overwhelming which god has been so good as to fasten with his own hand upon our shoulders .
Nothing tender nothing sympathetic had ever had a chance to fasten upon it -- no windsown blossom no familiar softening moss .
Writer and away from the story.317 richard wright wrote that he wanted to fasten the reader upon words so firmly that he would forget words and be conscious only ofhisresponse .
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