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You will fall in for roll call in proper order .
A record number of deals were cancelled in 2008 leading to a sharp fall in fees for investment bankers .
They also follow warnings from zte to investors that its first-half profit is likely to fall by 60 % from a year earlier citing foreign-exchange losses and delays in tenders for contracts from chinese carriers .
The drop in growth was attributed to an expected fall in demand for korean exports particularly electronics .
Indeed the communist party has said it is willing to see growth fall in return for greater stability .
There was a fall in support for the republican party at the last election .
It made for a stimulating cultural life she says . It was thrilling - perhaps a bit like an american going to new york for the first time and getting a glimpse of the bigger world . Either you 're scared to death or you fall in love for life .
The sell-off in railway shares contributed to a 3 per cent decline in the shanghai composite the biggest one-day fall in six months for china 's benchmark stock index .
The bank described the cut as meaningful but not disastrous indicating that a fall in western demand for asian manufactured goods was unlikely to have big consequences for markets .
When understanding the true sense that fall in love with for the first time two people certainly this love has a result necessarily .
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