even out是什么意思,even out怎么读

[ˈi:vən aut]  

even out基本解释

变平;(使)平稳, (使)均衡;铲平

even out的用法和例句
You 're not even out of breath . I like it .
The stunning birds-eye shots also capture the docklands at dawn but even out in the east of london the shard is still clearly visible
Hubbs has looked at moving elsewhere in china but doesn 't think the cost savings would last beyond two or three years as wages and prices even out across the country .
The other catch is that when we ( in the societal sense ) simplify sexuality to this degree we 're missing opportunities to address other components like body image understanding gender roles / expectations gender expression and even out to media literacy .
How is paul even out of jail ?
Potassium can lower blood pressure even out irregular heart rhythms and counteract the effects of too much sodium .
This means a place that is fun and not serious and maybe even out of touch with reality .
The gift-giving season starts to come into view right about now -- christmas signs are even out in some stores already .
Nuclear leak occurred in japan because worry the sea water will polluted by radiation starting from march 16 wenzhou area set off panic buying frenzy sea salt or even out of stock .
You need those blood glucose levels to even out and your breakfast is the meal for that particular job .
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