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The light from the clock can no longe catch up to him .
While it makes sense to try to catch up to the best in auto or airplane manufacturing merely trying to repeat the glories of the american success program would be a step backwards .
The dog ran hard and tried to catch up to the rabbit .
Meanwhile markets in china as with other parts of asia are racing to catch up to hong kong 's well-established financial institutions and sound regulatory regimes .
As throughout history it may take decades for medical culture to catch up to medical science .
It will take many years for some of the research to catch up to western standards .
Similarly the reality of a wave of chinese consumers taking over the world may eventually catch up to the newspaper headlines but it will be some time still .
Programs like cais 's carry little risk said marty abbott director of education at actfl because even those students who spend their entire day in another language eventually catch up to and might even surpass their peers in english-language skills .
A woman abandons her man because he cannot catch up to her it is called strength .
Motorola hit a homerun with the hardware and build quality but we need the os to catch up to it .
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